14 - We Read This Very Differently (Again)

This week @afishtrap and I continue our discussion of Grace of Kings & look at nobility in the book (and to some extent various epic traditions more broadly) through the Rima & Jizu episode.  We refer to my reading that every member of the old noble houses acquits themselves with “honor”, which I extend to a reading that there is something inherently special about the DNA of nobles in Grace of Kings, at which point we discovered that (recurring theme!) we read this very differently. Along the way we get into how Kuni (not a noble!) and Mata (a hero from the old noble houses) embody or contradict our readings. Our discussion opens and closes with Mata, his extraordinary heroism, and fitness to rule.

The amazing art which inspired me to actually get this project off the ground was created by @etrandem

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Music - Jazzy Ashes by The Underscore Orkestra

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