50 - The Obelisk Gate (pt 1)


Kaleb Russell and Rose Eveleth join me to talk about The Obelisk Gate.  Also Charles Payseur recommends short fiction about libraries.

Thanks for your patience during an extended (and unplanned) hiatus.  Hopefully the podcast will begin regularly monthly service now.  You can also subscribe to my emails about having a hobby farm & being a Quaker, or follow my blogging about Tolkien.

Recommended Stories - 

The Universal Library (written & translated Erik Born), in Mithila Review Issue #9

Turing Machines of Babel - Eric Schwitzgebel, in Apex Magazine

Library of Lost Things - Matthew Bright, at Tor.Com

The Librarians Dilemma, E. Saxey in Journal of Unlikely Academia

In Libres, Elizabeth Bear, In Uncanny Magazine #4

The amazing art which inspired me to actually get this project off the ground was created by  @etrandem

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