Ancillary Justice (2 of 2)

Ethan (@esjewett) and I continue our discussion of Ancillary Justice (part 1).  Beginning with discussion of the politics and ideology of the book, and continuing with the contrasting roles and psychology of Breq and Seivarden.  

Also a bit on the structure of the book, and then Ethan and I discuss my initial dissatisfaction with the conclusion of the novel.  I am somewhat persuaded.

Oh, yeah, spoilers.

Finally, Ethan shares a series he returns to frequently - Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising sequence.

Quotes -

"The platonic ideal of the novel"

"Ann Leckie should make as much money as possible off of this book"

"Literally shooting the body"

Links - 

Part 1

My initial review of Ancillary Justice

Book Smugglers recent reread of Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising sequence

The amazing art which inspired me to actually get this project off the ground was created by @etrandem

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