Ancillary Justice (1 of 2)

My friend Ethan (@esjewett) and I discussed Ancillary Justice in depth.  (All of the spoiler warnings!)  In this episode, AI identity, and how the use of "she" throughout affected our reading of romantic relationships and social signifiers.

Warning that there will be a spoiler-filled upcoming episode of Elysium in a few weeks if you'd like to get a head start on that.  

Finally, my love for Katherine Kurtz's Deryni novels, and an upcoming re-read.

Links - 

My initial review of Ancillary Justice

Kari Sperring's "The Women Who Made Fantasy"

I'm tweeting my re-read of Kurtz' Deryni novels, tracked here.

The amazing art which inspired me to actually get this project off the ground was created by @etrandem

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