Kickoff - Book History & Buried Giant

In this episode - Vision, History, Worldbuilding and A Book Dragon

My Vision for Cabbages & Kings

My history with the genre

  • Lots of Secondary World fantasy because Tolkien
  • Very little Harry Potter or Pratchett
  • Plot criticism rooted in the Renaissance (episodic Romances vs. Epic plots with a beginning, middle, and an end)
  • Chasing Kate Elliott books through used book sales
  • My re-reading habits
  • Would like to read more short stories and space opera.  Recommendations?

A recent reaction to The Buried Giant and worldbuilding (or lack thereof)

  • Thoughts about criticism
    • Reader response
    • What project is being attempted
    • How well is it accomplished
    • How well does it execute on other conventions (i.e. worldbuilding in Epic Fantasy, which Buried Giant isn't trying to do)

Remembering A Book Dragon, the book that's always been on the shelf without knowing how it got there.

The amazing art which inspired me to actually get this project off the ground was created by @etrandem

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